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We provide Pakistan’s best import export services to growth your business worldwide.

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We provide shipping solutions to worldwide for your company.

Our Latest Projects

Think globally think TComm Solutions. We are the best import export company in Pakistan, providing solutions and services to our clients to grow their business worldwide.

Solar Panels
Solar Panels

TComm Solutions importing Solar Panels regularly for our solar energy trading companies.

LED Bulbs
LED Bulbs

We are importing large quantity good quality LED bulbs and their parts for our clients.

Splicing Machines
Splicing Machines

Our company also import telecom equipment and machinery for our clients.

Sanitary Products
Sanitary Products

TComm Solutions exporting sanitary wares to different countries.


What our clients are saying about import export services of our company.

“TComm Solutions is the only company which provide you quality customer support. Thank you!”

Hadiqa Anwar
Hadiqa Anwar Manager Operations

“As a small business owner, I was looking for a company like you which can do imports for me. Thank you!”

Haris Butt
Haris Butt Founder

“Best part is TComm Solutions handle all the import issues so that we are relaxed and trust on the team. Thank you!”

Alina Naaz
Alina Naaz Manager Operations

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